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Our team of expert industrial contractors will ensure every step of the process is completed  using the most time-efficient and cost-effective means possible.  Our experience spans a wide array of project types: electrical, pipe fitting, fabricating, plant relocation, maintenance and alternative energy. 

We have 3 locations from which we can serve our customers throughout North America, including Wallaceburg and Sarnia, Ontario, Marine City, Michigan and Mexico.

-   Electrical   -   Pipefitting & Mechanical   -   Alternative Energy   -   Equipment Design/Build & Refurbishment   -
-   Plant Relocation -   Custom Fabrications   -   Facilities Management   -   Industrial Mechanic & Millwright   -

GSL Group Corporate - Phone: (519)627-5924  Fax: (519)627-0484  Toll-Free: (800)442-5961